68k wave / Ditherpunk

the aesthetic of the computers with the motorola 68k processor. Dithering, paletted colours, colour cycling and palette swapping, sprite and raster effects, point and click adventures and puzzles, chrome spheres floating over checkerboards

A wobbly stripey ribbon raster effect next to some translucent cubes that spell out "Andromeda" in a staggered vertical display. A text scroller is along the bottom that reads "at that time. Then the school"

the classic "boing" amiga demo that is a bouncing spinning checkerboard ball against a 3d looking grid background.

a screen shot of the japanese sharp x68000 version of A-Train. plenty of city going on here.

sharp x68000 atomic robo kit- there's a sharp monitor, two roland speakers, a famicom style gray gamepad, a "deck" has a large train or plane style throttle stick on the left side, an air or tank style joystick on the right side, with three buttons and an assortment of switches in the middle. A gray keyboard, a mixing deck, and some other kind of sound related boxes are hooked up to this set up as well.


They were best known as the processors used in the early Apple Macintosh, the Sharp X68000, the Commodore Amiga, the Sinclair QL, the Atari ST, the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive), the Capcom System I (Arcade), the AT&T UNIX PC, the Tandy Model 16/16B6000, the Sun Microsystems Sun-1, Sun-2 and Sun-3, the NeXT Computer, NeXTcube, NeXTstation, and NeXTcube Turbo, the Texas Instruments TI-89TI-92 calculators, the Palm Pilot (all models running Palm OS 4.x or earlier) and the Space Shuttle

did the space shuttle run any good games?

i forgot to mention FM synthesis, and MOD music as an essential part of the aesthetic.

text scrollers, chrome effects, feedback fire

see Ava Max: who’s laughing now


sorry, i meant rumours, ava max


is “ditherpunk” an original term?

I certainly didn’t coin it

any clue as to origins?

not sure. here’s an article about it

Exploring dither-punk, the indie game trend inspired by the Macintosh Plus

interesting thanks. Obra Dinn RIPS btw.

who coined “Dither-punk”Dither PunkDitherpunk?

was it Lucas Pope?

Lucas Pope (@dukope): “”Dither-punk” is a cool term and I wish I’d thought of it.” | nitter

Lucas Nope

was it Gamasutra?

(Dec 1 2015)


was it Every Punk Bot?

(Sep 9, 2014)


was it @clipart_bear

(Jul 30, 2013)

apparently talking about something other than the mac 1-bit aesthetic


was it Eduardo Banda

(Oct 29, 2010)


i think that, though the term had existed prior to the gamasutra article- it was the gamasutra article that defined it as belonging to the Lucas Pope graphical style


interesting! “ditherpunk” really captures something, like the parking lot behind xerox parc where people would read thrown-out copies of BYTE, and skate, and trade data cassettes. like there’s some adjacency to the hci-futures of the 70s/80s, but somehow more accessible. where people would say “whose Alan Kay? sounds like a square.” laughter